Georgi MitaniProduct Design & Visual Design
(São Paulo, BR) 
Electrolux Cuida
Wunderman Thompson

Working with Electrolux’s product squad, we have developed and evolved the Electrolux Cuida after-sales channel. This hub provides services to brand product owners, covering everything from unboxing and onboarding to product replacement.

Our actions range from improving access to priority services to creating visual assets and illustrations for digital product tutorials and manuals.


In addition to working on the product side, I was responsible for creating and solidifying the visual style of the illustrations that populated the page. The challenge was to translate complex photos and technical drawings from manuals into friendly and easily understandable instructions.


Through the Electrolux Cuida portal, we achieved a significant increase in SVOs (online service requests). When comparing the first quarters of 2021 and 2022, we accomplished the following:

+73% increase in service requests via the portal.
+330% increase in requests for out-of-warranty products.
+41% increase in requests for products within warranty.